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Lifegate Christian Church is a Pentecostal Church affiliated with Australian Christian Churches (formerly Assemblies of God in Australia) based in Cooma, New South Wales.  We believe that we have been called to impact our town, our region, state and nation with the love of Jesus Christ.


We believe that our church can experience the fullness of God through passionately worshipping Jesus Christ, building faith through the power of His word and developing true unity and an authentic life. We are a church who value family and honour truth, freedom and justice. We are committed to reaching, teaching, equipping and releasing people into a God defined life.

We are one church in many places with a heart to serve and influence our local, regional and global communities.

We love connecting God to life.


Our Values


 “… our church can experience the fullness of God …” 

We serve an incredibly big God with many facets. God wants 

everyone to experience every part of Him and through our 

relationship with Him we are able to experience all of who God is.

It is through knowing God we truly know and understand 



 “… passionately worshipping Jesus Christ …”

Worship must come from the heart and it requires passion. 

Worship encompasses every part of our lives, it is our thoughts, 

words, and actions. We encourage everyone, of all ages, to 

passionately worship Jesus Christ in all they do. Through the 

leading of the Holy Spirit we believe that spiritual gifts, words of 

knowledge, prophecy and tongues will flow as we encounter God 

in our lives. 


 “… building faith through the power of His word …”

The bible is the word of God and it is the foundation for the way in 

which we live our lives. We believe that the bible is applicable and 

relevant to todays world. Through God’s word we learn how we 

are to love God and love others. With strong, biblically based 

teaching we are able to become more like Jesus.


 “… developing true unity and an authentic life …”

When we as a church experience God’s fullness, passionately

worship Jesus Christ, and build our faith through the word of God,

we develop true unity. True unity allows us to use all our gifts and

resources to benefit others. When we live our lives this way and

develop true unity we are able to live authentically. Unity and

authenticity demonstrate that we are true disciples of Jesus Christ.


 “… value family, and honour truth, freedom and justice …”

We are a family and we have people of all ages, generations and

backgrounds. Family is very important to us and we value it

greatly. We support and encourage each other though all of life’s

up and downs. We uphold truth, knowing that truth brings

freedom to the oppressed and justice to those who have had

injustice cast upon them.


“… committed to reaching, teaching, equipping and

releasing people …”

Our church believes that engaging and building a relationship with

our community is of great significance. it is important that we give

people the opportunity to connect God to their lives. We desire to

teach the word of God, equipping people with knowledge and

understanding. We want to help them develop their gifting’s and

abilities and release them to effectively walk the path God has set

before them.


 “… one church in many places …”

We see a church that goes beyond the borders of a single town. A

church that connects many towns and regions to the will of God

for that location. We believe that through partnering and building

relationships with others we can better establish the kingdom of



 “… with a heart to serve and influence …”

Our heart is to serve our community. We believe every person

can serve their community, whether it is at school, work or

through a sporting team. There is no age limit on serving. We can

all serve and demonstrate the love of Jesus through our actions.

With helping hands we can be a Godly and positive influence that

enables our community to grow and flourish.


 “… local, regional and global communities …”

We see our church impacting our community. We want to bless

and build the communities in our region and beyond. We want to

impact and influence the world through partnering with national

and international missionaries that are spreading the message of

love and hope that is Jesus Christ.